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As many people are enjoying the freedom of a nudist lifestyle today, it is little surprise that there are also young nudists jumping on board.  Men as young as 18 years old are deciding that becoming nudists gives them that unrestrained feeling. For some, this comes quite easy, but for others the first adventure on a nude beach or in a group of nudists is a bit embarrassing.

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The first thing to understand for a new young nudist is that size is really not important.  You may feel that your body is not in the best shape it can be or that your penis size is going to be pointed at and made fun of. This is totally not the case. Once you participate in your first nudist outing, you will find that the men will come in all shapes and sizes. There will be slim ones, and overweight ones, just as there will be men with amazing bodies.


Size also applies to your penis. You will definitely notice the different shapes and sizes of the nude men’s penises that surround you. It should make you feel more comfortable once you realize that most are going to fall in the “normal sized” range.  Just in case you are not aware of the statistics, normal is considered anywhere from 3 – 9 inches erect, and average falls into the 5 – 7 inches category.  So, you can see already that “normal” covers a lot of territory. That should start to put you more at ease about putting your own package on display.


Another thing to keep in mind as a new young nudist is that there are several types of nudist groups. Some are simply for hanging out (no pun intended), and others are more geared toward meeting for romantic or sexual purposes. That should be one of your first decisions as new young nudist. You will need to decide on just what it is you are looking for in this endeavor. Do you want to just meet other people who enjoy the freedom of a nudist lifestyle? Or are you trying to find a partner for fun and games?



Let’s take a look at what each of these groups has to offer. Once you are armed with a bit of information on both types, you should be able to decide which group will be the easiest and most comfortable to try out for a test run.


The first group to tackle is the non sexual one. Here you will find groups of like minded men who simply want to enjoy the company of others who view certain aspects of life the same as they do. If you are a bit nervous being a new young nudist, you might want to take this no pressure approach as your initiation into the world of nudity.


These groups are put together just for fun and socializing. There are outings planned and special events that will involve nothing but things such as swimming, barbecuing, drinks, and anything else you would do in a “dressed” setting.  You will, of course, arrive with clothes on, but you will be able to ditch those quite soon after settling in. A lot of these gatherings will be held at resorts that either cater specifically to nudists, or will have certain blocks of time for nudists’ activities.


You are going to find that these group gatherings are a lot of fun. These can be full weekends that are filled with all sorts of social and physical activities. Through the entire weekend, you will be able to enjoy the feeling of having no clothing restraints. The really surprising thing about these types of gatherings is that you will find yourself feeling quite comfortable in no time at all.  There is no pressure to be anything other than who you are. In fact, most of these groups understand that a new young nudist might just feel a bit intimidated, and they will allow you to be clothing optional. This means that if you feel better wearing a swim suit or complete clothing outfit that is fine with them. But you need to understand that after awhile, you may start to feel uncomfortable wearing your clothes when no one else is.


Once you break the ice with this sort of low pressure gathering, you may want to branch out a bit into the more exciting nudist groups of meeting for romantic or sexual encounters. While this may strike a bit of fear or even terror in your heart as a new young nudist, it probably also brings a bit of excitement. Think of it in terms of meeting someone you may feel an attraction to without having to work up to getting the clothes off. You can size each other up right then and there.


A little warning here, though, is that at the simply social group gatherings, no one is going to be staring directly at your cock. So you don’t have to worry about “not measuring up.”  When you attend a nudist group for the express purpose of meeting someone for a sexual encounter, or more, be prepared to have every part of your body scrutinized. Don’t worry so much about size here though. Some guys love a great ass just as much, or more, than an impressive cock.  Or, you might have amazing legs, and can hook up with a leg man. There is truly something for everyone, as you will find out.


So maybe you are still a little nervous. That’s perfectly normal.  An idea that can help you along is to find someone you feel close to who is already a part of the nudist world.  He can guide you in the best way to break into actually joining in on the fun.  Do your research, too. There are many online sites that cater to the world of nudity and the people who enjoy it. You will find message boards loaded with information on gatherings or events in all parts of the world. These are also great for finding tips and advice in finding the right nudist group for you.


Now that you have the basic information to get started as a new young nudist, I am going to share my personal experiences with you from my first time out. They may help you get past those first couple of times when you are shaking in your boots at the thought of appearing fully naked in front of strangers.


To begin with, I had always known that clothes were somewhat bothersome and confining. My parents had a hard time keeping me dressed when I was a toddler. However, the feeling of wanting to be naked and unencumbered stayed with me. When I was 18, I was already walking around my apartment in my birthday suit. I did everything in the nude. That included cleaning, cooking, sleeping or anything else that one does at home. The only time I got dressed was to go out of the apartment.


I had a feeling there were other guys around who felt the same as me, but I could never seem to get up the nerve to ask, just in case I was wrong. All of that changed the day I met a guy named David. He is the one who helped me bring out the hidden “nude” side of my personality.


We hooked up at a small club one night and started talking. It turned out that we had many things in common. We sat and talked for hours, until the managers made us leave due to the club closing. That was alright though. Since I lived close by, we just went back to my place. By the time the sun came up, I had my eyes opened to the possibility of being a part of a whole new world.


It seems that David had been a nudist for years. He, too, had felt uncomfortable about it at first, but he was so serious about living the way he wanted that he did his own research. He was not as nervous about his first time because it was just something he had been searching for a very long time. So he was READY for the experience.


When I explained to David that I was a closet nudist, he became quite excited about introducing me to this wonderful new world. Before I knew it, he had made a couple of phone calls, and booked the two of us for a nudist event the following weekend.  I can not begin to tell you just how I felt. There was excitement and butterflies all at the same time. In fact, I actually asked David what I should pack to take with me. He had a good laugh from that one before explaining that what I would need amounted to toiletry items such as a toothbrush, comb, razor, and other things along that line.


Oh yes, “packing” for a nudist getaway can be really confusing at first. You are probably used to packing several sets of clothes for a trip. For obvious reasons, that is not needed for this sort of vacation. You basically have the clothes you arrive in, and, if you choose, one departing outfit. It is totally up to you. But you will need nothing beyond that when it comes to clothing. From the time you check into your room until the time you check out, you are going to be wonderfully, gleefully nude!


David arrived to pick me up for our getaway on the following Friday afternoon. Being the “typical” new young nudist, I had quite the case of nervous giggles which kept erupting to embarrass me during the drive. David was understanding about it all, and seemed to enjoy the idea of breaking me in to this lifestyle. I was full of questions and he patiently answered every one of them.


By the time we arrived at the hotel, I was beyond nervous, as I knew that within the hour, I would be making my debut as a member of the world of nudity. David and I checked in and were shown to our room. I probably forgot to mention that this hotel was amazing. The room we had was more of a suite with everything we could possibly need during our stay. Of course, the king sized bed made me blush a bit. At some point during our drive, I had realized that this could also be another sort of experience for me.


After depositing our travel bags in the room, David turned to me and grinned rather lasciviously. I knew it was getting very close to the time when I would be appearing totally naked in front of at least a couple hundred men, who would also be naked.  He suggested that I give things a test run before walking out into the crowd. Settling himself on the bed, he instructed me to get undressed.  He was so cute and sexy laying there watching me, that I just had to comply.


The shirt came off easily, as well as the shoes and socks. Since I was wearing my black silk boxers, I was ok with taking off my jeans. I started to feel a bit better once David was staring at my body in an approving manner.  When I hesitated on the boxers, he simply made a little motion with his hand that said they needed to come off, too.


I hesitated because now there was another worry for me. You see, I had found David quite sexy as he draped himself on that bed watching me undress. Now I had a massive hard on that I was quite sure he had already noticed. Boxers don’t hide a lot. 

He put me at ease rather quickly by reminding me that I should put this part behind me now before appearing in a public setting. After reassuring me that everyone goes through this their first couple of times, I managed to remove the offending boxers.  That was when I was rewarded with a totally hot sexy look from David.  I knew I was turning a nice bright red from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. But he pretended not to notice, instead giving me a once over with his eyes, and stopping just a bit longer at my raging cock.


Suddenly, he leaped from the bed, and began stripping off his clothes.  I found this a bit unsettling, but was happy for the chance to see what I was pretty sure was going to be an amazing body. Quickly, I found out that I had not been wrong in my assessment. It was also very flattering and exciting to see that he, too, was sporting a massive erection.


Before I could even react, David calmly started to explain to me how things would go at this event. It seemed that he had booked us on one of those first group gatherings that I was talking about earlier. This event was for men who were simply looking for others to socialize with. They just also happened to be nudists.


Now I was really nervous! But it was a good kind of nervous as it involved a lot of excitement. I suppose he felt that I, as a new young nudist, should just grab the bull by the horns, so to speak. However, it also seemed that I would be gently guided into a room full of nude men who were just going to be friendly. I supposed it would be much like going to my favorite club.

I didn’t really have time to think about that one for very long as David disappeared into the bathroom and started the shower. Then he called me to come join him. Even though my mind had not actually processed this idea yet, my feet did the thinking for me, and I started walking toward the bathroom door. I found David waiting for me in the shower, holding back the shower curtain for me so that I could step inside with him.


Once both of us were under the hot water spraying over us, he took the soap into his hands. Facing each other, he started to use his hands to soap my upper body.  I was starting to feel a little funny in my knees at that point, but of course, I was loving every second of it. He washed my shoulders, arms, chest and stomach before instructing me to turn around.  He repeated the process on my back and neck.


Now, I was definitely not a virgin but I was shy for the most part, and considered myself a bit inexperienced still when it came to sex. I had given up trying to act all casual about this because there was no way David was going to think I wasn’t enjoying myself immensely.  When his hands moved down to my ass, and dipped between my cheeks, a soft little moan escaped my mouth. He didn’t dawdle there though, moving, instead, down the backs of my legs with the soap.


By the time, he had turned me around to face him again, we were both rock hard and our cocks touched. That sent a feeling of total electricity from my toes to my head. Then David just smiled that sexy smile of his, and handed me the soap. This was almost more than I could take. Getting to touch his gorgeous wet body and slide my soapy hands over his skin was nearly my undoing. I repeated the same actions he performed on me. The fact that David was loving this as much as I had was very apparent.


As our hard cocks moved against each other in a teasing manner, David finally kissed me.  As our tongues tangled and our lips melted together, it was like nothing I had ever experienced.  Most of the guys I had been with in the past had been in too much of a hurry.  No one had ever really seemed so involved in the experience as David did.  I thought I was in for the fucking of my young life, but I was in for a surprise.


We kissed and moved against each other under that warm water spraying over us. The soap washing off of our bodies only created more of a sensation.  Still kissing me, David moved my hand down between us where our cocks strained for contact. We used our hands to stroke our cocks together. Without any warning, I was suddenly slammed with an orgasm like no other. If we had not been kissing, I am sure the rooms next to us would have heard me as I exploded all over David.  I was so busy spurting all over his stomach that I almost missed him shooting all over mine.  Male chastity


I thought I might have blacked out for a few seconds. When I became aware of my surroundings again, David had his arms around me still, rubbing my back a little, and saying something to me about getting prepared for the cocktail hour. I am sure my eyes were still glazed over, and I was not sure I had actually heard him right. With a final kiss, he released me and stepped out of the shower. I took the towel he offered me and followed suit.


The shower sex notwithstanding, I was a bit confused as to how all of this was going to work. It felt decidedly odd to not dress for drinks and dinner. Instead, we focused on our hair, and doing a slight bit of body moisturizing. We looked clean, sexy and hot when we walked out of our hotel room door.


The first thing I noticed, of course, was all the naked men walking around. As a new young nudist, I was nearly stopped in my tracks at just how comfortable all of these guys were. A couple men had glanced in our direction. One came right up to us, greeting David with a big hug. I was introduced to a friend of David’s who frequented these nude resort events. He was clearly in attendance with another man, and I was also introduced to him.


David had assured me that I would not be the only new young nudist in attendance, and I found out soon enough that he had not exaggerated. I noticed several nude young men who, like myself, seemed to feel a bit ill at ease. David steered me toward the bar, where he proceeded to order us a couple a drinks. I knew he was hoping that the alcohol would help me relax. We collected our drinks and chose a corner loveseat to sit on as we drank, talked and took in the scenery. Even the bartenders and waiters were nude except for elegant bowties. I figured they were wearing those so that the rest of us would know who to ask for drinks and appetizers.


So far, I was having a great time, even if I was still trying to get adjusted. This was just like most gay clubs I had been to. However, no where I had ever been was as elegant as where we were currently sitting. Finally, David asked me if I was ready to mingle a bit. I wasn’t sure of the answer to that one, so I just followed David as he stood up and started walking toward a group of men who were chatting with each other.


I really wanted to feel as comfortable and relaxed as these men looked. So I made the effort. It wasn’t really necessary though. I found out that David knew lots of these men here and that he had warned them that he was bringing a new young nudist to this gathering. They simply could not have been nicer to me. I did catch a few of them glancing down at my semi-interested cock, and I started to feel more at ease. It seemed that most of the guys checking out my cock were new and young, just like me.  For some reason, that made me feel better.


After a while, I did start to feel more comfortable. It might have been the drinks, but I prefer to think that it had more to do with this amazing group of men I was with.  When David and I went into dinner, we were seated with two more men, who were obviously a couple.  We all talked, laughed, drank and ate together. It was no more different than an evening out in the world of wearing clothes.


Now that I was over my case of stage fright, I could tell that several men had hooked up just that night. It was very exciting to watch them get to know each other, and just know that they were heading off to one room after dinner was over.  David never left my side once all evening, and for that, I was rather grateful. I kept catching him smiling at me and I would get warm all over.


The hotel had really done an amazing job with everything for that weekend. They had even found a band whose members were not only gay, but nudists as well. They performed in the nude, and everyone paired off to dance.  I can honestly say that I had never had more fun in my life. I have since been able to repeat this experience many times, but nothing will ever compare to that first time.


Just before daylight, David and I returned to our hotel. I was so keyed up from all that had happened in not quite 24 hours that sleep was going to be out of the question.  There was no undressing for bed needed because, hey, we were already nude.  When we looked at the bed, we discovered we had a turn down service. There were the complimentary chocolate mints on our pillows, but alongside them were two small packages of condoms. Now, you have to love a hotel that promotes safe sex.


I started to laugh when I saw them, and David joined in. It was one of those moments where the laughter escalated until we were literally rolling on the bed. That quickly turned into more physical contact which was followed by more touching. Before we knew it, we were all over each other. Kissing frantically, we were so wrapped up in each other that it was hard to tell where one of us ended and the other one began. Our cocks were so hard and I knew this time I was going to get that fucking I had been hoping for earlier in the shower.


I was lying on my back as David straddled my chest, his cock bobbing close to my face. It made me hungry to lick it and have it in my mouth. He knew it, too, as he moved the swollen head of it down to my eager mouth. I licked all over the head of it and heard him moan. Wrapping my lips around it, I started to suck it greedily.  As I was being rewarded with the gift of his hard cock in my mouth, I heard some plastic tearing. I opened my eyes and looked up at David. He was getting one of the condoms ready for use. 


He withdrew from my mouth and slipped the condom on.  Moving down my body, he paused to run his tongue all over my full and swollen balls. I arched upward so that my cock was standing straight up, and he knew it really wanted more attention. David obliged my silent request and swiftly went to work on taking every last throbbing inch of me into his mouth.


Just as I thought I might explode straight down his throat, he removed his mouth and started to move back up my body. My legs spread apart of their own volition, and he found my waiting and willing entrance. I could feel the head of his cock start to probe and push against it. This was always the part that was both thrilling and scary to me, at the same time. That delicious tingle of pain as he entered me caused me to gasp. This was even more than I had dreamed possible. Oh yes, David definitely knew what he was doing. Over and over again, the head of his pulsing cock hit that special place that belongs only to a man.  As he started to move faster and faster, I gave myself up to the pleasure I was feeling. David stroked my own cock as he moved in and out of me. The intensity built until I knew I could hold back no longer.


Afterwards, David and I lay in each others’ arms and, quite simply, fell asleep until around noon. As a new young nudist, I still had some things to experience here at this special resort. Following a shower, we had opted for room service. The food was amazing and the service was wonderful. Although, I could have sworn that the young man delivering our food KNEW what we had been doing.


Following breakfast, we headed out to the pool, where we found more nude men. I was really feeling in my element here. By now, I was totally comfortable with the whole idea of being nude around others. When David and I dove into the pool, we were immediately pulled into a small group of men who were, more or less, sitting in the shallow end. We sort of floated and talked for a bit until someone suggested that drinks might be nice. Then we all got out and lounged around one of the poolside tables enjoying some delicious cold drinks. This place had the best bartenders of anywhere I had ever been, although David and I opted for non-alcoholic this time around.


The afternoon passed by quickly. I was, by this time, feeling as though this was something I had always done. I had been a new young nudist, but I no longer felt that way. I can’t say that I wasn’t sneaking some secretively sly glances at the other cocks that surrounded me. However, I can say that it was no longer an issue, and I knew that most of the other men were doing the same thing.


Back in our room hours later, David and I relaxed a bit and had another totally hot shower. I have to say, that while it still felt a little funny to not dress to go out, I was quickly getting used to it. That second night was just as much fun as the first. The major difference is that this time I was not nervous and felt even more at ease in this very special environment. Making friends here was coming quite easily for this new young nudist. I felt that I was fitting in with everyone, and it was an incredible feeling.


By the time David and I were checking out the next morning, I was really sad to leave this place. It had almost seemed like a wonderful dream that was now ending. On top of that, it actually felt weird to have clothes on again. We said our good byes to the friends we had made that weekend, and started the drive back home.


I must have looked totally crestfallen because David reached for my hand in the car and gave it a slight squeeze. When he asked me what I thought of the weekend, I honestly had no words to describe it. It had all been terrifying, amazing, exciting, and so much more. He kind of laughed and assured me that, if I wanted, we could do these weekends a lot more often. I listened as he told me about many other nudists’ events and places we could attend. That put a smile back on my face.


Now, I cannot guarantee that your first experience as a young nudist will match mine. If you are very lucky, you will have someone to guide you along, as well as share it with you. It is definitely much easier when you have a companion for the event or gathering you attend, especially your first time out. That does not, however, mean that you cannot go alone. There will be many other men who will make it their goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


I have since been to many more gatherings for nudists, or naturalists, as I was told we are also called. All of them have been unique and incredible in their own right. However, the one thing I have found at each one is the willingness to make new friends. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that no one is covering up who they really are. I honestly don’t know. But the men you will find at nudists’ gatherings are some of the nicest ones you will ever meet. Of course, there will always be one or two who no one can get along with, so you just have to move on from them. However, I assure you, they are in the minority.


The best advice I can offer to a young nudist who is new to the lifestyle is to do your research. There is a vast amount of information on line regarding the best places to visit, as well as regular events throughout the year. You will most likely also need to make your reservations well in advance. It may seem hard to believe, but there are many who embrace the nude lifestyle and take advantage of every opportunity to live it openly. Therefore, most of the events will be solidly booked way ahead of time.


Most important of all, don’t be ashamed of your body and enjoy the feeling of freedom that nudity affords. You are not alone, young nudist. There are many others in the world who understand and feel exactly the same way as you when it comes to shedding those confining clothes. Take that first step. You will be forever glad that you did.


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